Podcast Team Retail: How 'omnichannel amazing' is Ochama?


Bart Horsten and Ed Sander (ChinaTalk) were keynote speakers in a podcast (in Dutch) of Team Retail, talking about JD.com's new retail concept Ochama, a new omnichannel supermarket concept, which was launched in the Netherlands in 4 locations at the beginning of 2022.

JD.com, the driving force behind this concept, is a Chinese retailer and the third largest retailer in the world. 

The following items were also focused on during the podcast:

  • why JD.com is starting to experiment in the western market and what can be expect in the future?
  • what is the difference between the Chinese and European consumer?
  • trends in new retail and e-commerce in China.
  • the power and impact of the Chinese market and companies.
  • how to enter the Chinese market as a European company?

Click on one of the links to listen the podcast:

Professionally moderated by Tim Gielen, we could share our insights into this new concept and also tell about our own webshop on Alibaba's Tmall Global.