Importance of social networks in China


The impact which social networks have on individuals is gigantic in China. Social media apps are an integral part of the daily life of 1 billion internet users in China. Additionally, due to the censorship of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google by the Chinese government and the high degree of digitalization of the Chinese society, the digital landscape in China has taken a completely different turn from the one we know in the West. 

Social networks have the advantage of promoting interaction and proximity to the consumer. Moving away from the overly commercial image of brands on this type of platform is a good way to build your brand and promote sales. Sharing content is a way to gain visibility and satisfy the curiosity of netizens. More than in the West, Chinese consumers are generally known for carrying out abundant research before they purchase a particular product. Therefore, educating Chinese consumers about the heritage, safety and other benefits of the foreign brand through these applications is a good way to build trust.

Chinese consumers are extreme users and followers of social media platforms, also for shopping. It has transformed Chinese people into the most digitalized consumers in the world. A big part of their spending on a product is dependent on reviews they read from other users or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Chinese consumers do not trust advertising of the products from the company itself. It is critical for brands to have a social media presence to be successful in the Chinese digital ecosystem. 

There are many social media apps and livestream platforms in China (WeChat, Douyin, Little Red Book, Weibo, Baidu, Bilibili, …) on which you can execute your multi-channel marketing campaigns. A good marketing approach is to dive into the relevant channels, functions and tactics to understand how to reach, engage and retain Chinese consumers with China-focused content. 

To conclude, if you want to enter the Chinese market, your team needs to have the social media experience and knowledge to support your brand’s growth in China. The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted digital trends globally, including China. When it comes to online marketing, you need to spend a lot of time on selecting the right social media channels and define your digital marketing strategy for China, targeted at your Chinese audience.

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