Workshop E-commerce, Social Media and New Retail in China


On Friday 15 February 2019 Bart Horsten was lecturer at an afternoon workshop in Brussels at the Retail Academy, talking about E-commerce, social media and new retail in China. During this workshop Bart focused on the following topics:

- The Chinese market today, the Chinese consumer and market entry methods.

- A view on E-commerce market statistics.

- Trends and opportunities in social media, E-commerce and Cross-Border E-commerce with China.

- How can Western companies use the above channels in their China strategy?

- Which platforms are the most suitable for my specific products?

- Do I need an own company in China or can I work with a Chinese partner?

- Strategic considerations and practical tips to open a webschop in China.

- Case studies with a lot of practical recommendations.

Interested to join? In 2020 another workshop will be planned. Please keep an eye on the following LINK.