Seminar 25 June 2018 - How to Set Up a Cross-Border E-Commerce Shop in WeChat to sell in China?


The EU SME Centre, Voka – Chamber of Commerce Mechelen-Kempen, the Belgian-Chinese Chamber, BENCHAM and HORSTEN International are delighted to invite you to a half-day seminar in Mechelen on June 25 from 09h00 untill 12h30. Trainers at this seminar are Rafael Jimenez (EU SME Centre in Beijing) and Felim Meade (WeChat Expert of the EU SME Centre & Co-Founder of Emerald Green Consulting in Ireland). More information and registration at the following LINK.

Finding a competent importer or distributor, setting up a subsidiary in China, listing the products in well-known Chinese e-commerce platforms is difficult and expensive. With this training you will know how to set up your own cross-border shop in WeChat, its cost, the return on investment, and how to operate such cross-border shop by which you reach your consumers directly!

Welcome by Petra Van Bouwelen, International Business Development Manager, Voka Mechelen-Kempen

Introduction by Bart Horsten, CEO Horsten International


• Cross-Border is Booming

• WeChat’s Unparalleled Success in China

• Pilot Free -Trade Zones

• Consumption as the Lever to Lift China’s Economy

• Reaction to the Negative Effects of Inefficient General Trade

• Making China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ)Part of the Solution

• A More Discerning Middle Class

The Supply Chain

• The Upstream Flow of Goods to the Chinese Consumer

• The downstream Flow of Payments to the EU Shop Owner

• Returns

The Building Blocks

• The WeChat Account

• The WeChat Shop

• Consumer Payment Options

• Warehouse and Logistics Operator at the FTZ

• Foreign Gateway to China’s Payment Providers

The Procedure

• The Cross-Border Authorized List

• Trademark Registration

• Selecting a Pilot Free Trade Zone

• Select a Logistics Operator

• Registering the Product at China Inspection and Quarantine

• Open a WeChat Official Account

• Set up the WeChat Store

• Integrating a Payment Method with the WeChat Store

• Open a Bank Account in China

• Selecting a Payment Gateway

The Pros and Cons of a CBEC Shop in WeChat for EU SMEs

• The Missing Piece: Digital Marketing

Real Case in Action

• Baby Care Category – SME from Ireland

WeChat Shop Solution

• Costs

• Return on Investment

• Q&A