NEWS: E-trade Summit 27 September 2016


On 27 September the 2016 edition of the E-trade summit was organised in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ed Sander of ChinaTalk and Bart Horsten of Horsten International & MyChinaWeb gave a duo presentation, explaining why cross-border commerce is booming in China, what the latest trends are and how Western companies can consider their strategic options to start selling online in China.

In the past years cross-border e-commerce has exploded in China. The Chinese consumer wants western products, especially in certain product categories and prefers to buy them from abroad. China’s leading internet companies like and Alibaba have set up special channels to facilitate this consumer need. Recently Alibaba even opened offices in Belgium and The Netherlands to help Benelux brands to sell online in China.

Ed Sander spent 2 years working as an international volunteer in the Chinese city of Xi’an, where he helped local NGOs as a marketing consultant. Besides his work as a CRM specialist he is an author and lecturer for ChinaTalk. Ed has published 3 collections of articles on digital China and frequently gives lectures about online marketing, e-commerce and digital innovation in China at universities and business organisations.

Bart Horsten is a China entrepreneur and consultant since 1998, being one the most experienced and broadly skilled China consultants in the Benelux, specialized in helping SME’s in their expansion plans or investments in China. Recently Bart founded MyChinaWeb, Belgium’s first China online marketing agency, specialized in Chinese website design, social media, online marketing and e-commerce in China.